Friday, March 28, 2008

Going Green~

In an attempt to "go green"...I am trying to change some of the products I use. Here are a few things that are working for far.
Re-usable grocery bags. I love these from Trader Joe's, and I also have several others from different stores. I have been keeping them in my car...and take them with me grocery shopping. Since most stores now are selling their own versions, they are happy to load these bags for you...PLUS they hold so much more than the plastic bags!

I love the smell of this lavendar and mint dish can find it here.
My husband started buying these light bulbs because they were 99 cents @ Walgreen's...I still do not like the light they give for indoor lighting...however, I have started using them in the boys' bedrooms...they can't tell the difference, and I use them in all of our porch lights. They definitely last longer than any other light bulb.

I would love to know any other "green" products that you use and love!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great Finds...

I collect cookbooks...and am always on the lookout for one that not only has good recipes, but is also a good read. I had "heard" about this cookbook on several blogs...the pictures alone are worth it! (...and, is there anything cuter than the red Mary Jane's on the cover??)

These cardigans are from here. but look like they could be from here and are only $19.99. They are so cute and preppy looking...and they fit great!! (I bought the chocolate brown...but am definitely going back for the green one!)

AAAHHH...I love coffee...and have had my share of espresso makers, but this is the absolute best. It is worth every penny ($$). It is from here. (Yes, I did get the orange looks great in my kitchen!)

One of my new favorite blogs is Tracy Porter's. I have received her catalog for years, and have read her books. Her blog is so much fun...there are video posts where Tracy shows you around their studio, a quick bookshelf idea, fashion...and so much more. It is as if you are sitting there having tea with her and chatting...PLUS...she responds to comments and answers questions. If you love Tracy's I will enjoy her blog!

Ciao Bella! ~ Hello Beautiful!


I have to decided to "follow" a couple of other "blogging" friends...and create a space of my own. Here I can share some of my favorite things, great finds, things I'm doing around our home...or just girl talk...while keeping Our Little China Girl about our family life. Hope you will stop by from time to time.