Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I feel like I am on my blog alot...and then I look at the date of my last post and realize how much time has passed, so let's get caught up!

Lucy and I drove to WSU and picked this guy up!  One year of college DONE!  He was so anxious to come home, that we did the 9 hour round trip in one day :)

Since we didn't get to celebrate his 19th with him, Grandma made him a cake and we celebrated!

Handsome boys...it is so nice to have all 3 of my boys home together.  They each bring something different to our family dynamic, and when one is not here we all feel it.

I don't think I even need to tell you who is THRILLED to have her brother home...she is already planning their dates!

Lucy recieved a couple of "thank you" gifts in the mail :)

this one below, she received from LUSH!  I received an email from the director of public relations at LUSH, thanking Lucy for doing such an awesome job sharing LUSH on her video, that she wanted to send her a little gift!  Lucy was very happy!

My Mother's Day was quiet.  Toby had to work, but came home, and he and Lucy prepared a great dinner for my Mom and I :)

Lucy's favorite thing is giving gifts...and she does a great job of keeping secrets.  She brought her gift home, and she and Daddy hid it...and on Mother's Day, this was the precious gift I opened.
Oh how I treasure these handmade gifts!

And apparently, Lucy loves when I make her dinner :), so I guess I will keep that up!

The boys gave me chocolates and an Amazon gift card....so the first thing I ordered was this

Well, I think we're all caught up!  The weather here has been beautiful, and we have been spending lots of time outside reading, planting flowers, and planning our garden!

I also put a link up at the top of the sidebar to Lucy's YouTube Channel, for those of you that aren't subscribers and want to see what she is up to! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moving on~

In an effort to simplify in 2012...I have decided to combine my two blogs, "Ciao Bella!" and "...and Lucy makes  6!"  It seems most of my followers here on this blog, follow my family blog anyway...so the transition should be easy peasy!

My original intention was to keep my family blog strictly about my family and have this blog be about things I love...what I have realized is that what I love (cooking, crafting, photography, fashion, books, etc)...IS about my family AND about who I am

So...the "new" Ciao Bella can be found 

(I will be deleting this blog within the week, but all my posts are on the other blog :)
whew...hope that makes sense!