Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Black is the new White

I was going through past photos, and came across this picture of our Foyer doors.
When we moved in, these were solid doors and our foyer was so dark.
We replaced them with these which I love! They make a huge difference, and look so great from the front of our house. The outside of these doors are painted black.

Awhile back I decided I wanted the inside of the doors black as well. So, our doors went from this.....

To this....
I love the transformation, and I love Black!!

The next "black project" on my list is my stair bannister...which I plan on doing this Spring/Summer!


  1. Well...you know how I feel about black!!! Love the transformation and I can't wait to see the banisters!!

  2. LOVE black too! When we moved in- it was the first thing I did- paint our door black! I'm getting ready to paint our base cabinets in the kitchen black and then distress them a bit!!

  3. Oh, WOW! Dawn, what a WONDERFUL transformation! Love it!

  4. Girlfriend....LOVE this post. I am dying to paint ALL my interior doors BLACK! Maybe someday????

  5. These doors are awesome. I just clicked back to your backyard makeover... can I come by for an afternoon??

    Can't wait to see you stair banister in black. I've been considering the same thing... you'll inspire me to go for it when I see yours!

  6. oooooh super chic! i die for black.

  7. looks wonderful! Makes me want to paint the white door which I painted brown to a nice black :)