Friday, July 23, 2010

In My Kitchen{Peach Tea~ A new summertime favorite!}

My Mom recently turned me on to homemade Peach Iced Tea.
I have been is such a nice change from plain iced tea! you have one of these??
They are re-usable double wall insulated plastic...
LOVE this cup!
Then I add two pumps of this (or to your taste) into my Starbucks cup filled with ice and sun tea....

Add a slice or two of fresh or frozen peaches...
Delicious on a hot summer day!


  1. This sounds so yummy. I love flavored tea. I bet this is super refreshing especially on all these hot days we have been having.

  2. This looks and sounds so good, Dawn. Thanks for sharing the idea and how-to! xoxo

  3. Sounds fantastic. I'm such a coffee freak that i've never bought anything else from starbucks but coffee ;)

  4. I'm with hot or iced. BUT, this looks sooo refreshing!

  5. YUM! This sounds wonderful...and oh so summery. I must give it a try!

    {Where do you find your flavoring???}

  6. ...and I thought I was the only one that drank out of those wonderful Starbucks cups more than once. I'm stuck on their iced green tea... it has other stuff in it, and I love it. However... if I can find that peach flavoring, I'm willing to give it a whirl :)

  7. CC...I love this flavoring only for the bottle...I bought it at the Italian market at the Pike Place Market..however, I have also used the Torani Sugar Free Peach syrup (got it at Sam's club) and it was delicious!!!

    GMP....this cup is the re-usable cups Starbucks is selling MUST get one...fabulous..the best part is it doesn't sweat!!