Monday, April 4, 2011

LONDON Calling~

I am an Anglophile
I LOVE London
I love the union jack
I love the history
I love the royal legacy
I will watch the royal wedding :)
I love my tea the English way
I LOVED Princess Di

Union Jack

My girl Tracy Porter loves this too...and she is hosting a fabulous giveaway until if you love all things London...hurry over and sign up!


  1. i, too, loved princess di so, so much.
    i remember watching her wedding {i was 10, i think}.
    and when her sweet boys were born.
    and her achingly beautiful funeral.
    so much style, so much love.
    at once, authentic and iconic.
    i have high hopes for kate the great.
    i will be watching, oh yes, i will be watching.

  2. I'm right there with you Dawn! And I cried the first time I set food in England! I felt like I was coming home!!

  3. that would be set FOOT! Not food! :)