Friday, May 21, 2010

Do You Ever??

I haven't done a "Do you ever?" post in awhile (you can read my last one here). I originally was inspired to do these after Tracy Porter started doing them on her blog....I loved the idea!

My friend Pam over at Views from my kitchen sink, did a great "Do you ever?" today, and I was so inspired that I rushed to do the same!

Do you ever....frame an old recipe from someone you love?
This is my Mother-in-law, Jannice's Button Biscuit recipe.
She made these for almost every family dinner we had, my FIL cooked the main course, and Nana made the biscuits. The boys always got to help!
I love that it is in her handwriting, and that it is stained from so much use, even though, she knew the recipe by heart, she still took out the card.
❤I love that it is mine❤


  1. oh!!! you to pieces!!!
    xoxoxo..kisses and love to you and your family!!

  2. Yeah!!! And LOVE that Tracy commented!! This is so special Dawn...the name button biscuit alone makes me smile :) xoxo

  3. Dawn...can I ask a silly question? How do I put Tracy's blog button (like the one you have) on my blog? I can't find it on her blog?? I'm putting yours on my blog too! I LOVE your button!!

  4. GIRL I almost fell out of my chair right now!?! DO you see the comment from TRACY!?!?! That would be something I'd want to frame!!!!

  5. I'd too want to frame Tracy's post! :) Love your recipe idea SO much...

  6. What a great idea!!! I love the precious memories you have to go with it!! What a wonderful comment from sweet! You ARE a treasure!

  7. This card is a treasure and in the right hands. Ones that will cherish it. xoxo

  8. Sweet! My aunt has framed an old cookie recipe from my great-grandmother (in her own handwriting). When I'm at my aunt's house, I always stare at it. I love it so much!

  9. just now seeing this...
    what a beautiful idea ♥