Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away~

This October is marked as being one of the wettest on record here in the Pacific Northwest...no big surprise really.

I have a first grader to walk to and from the bus stop, which means my umbrella is getting lots of use... so I started hunting around for fun umbrella stands.

Here are some I found...

I really LOVE this boot stand from

Owls are quite the rage right now...LOVE it!

I found these two photos on Pinterest...
both cute DIY options with metal buckets

CUTE riding boot stand also from 

This is another great DIY option...it was a stand found at a thrift store, painted and she added a monogram decal...LOVE it!

Do you have an umbrella stand??


  1. I do have one. It is Chinese blue porcelain. I love it!!! ( Not a real antique, came from Pier One.)
    xo Dianne

  2. No umbrella stand. But now I want one! Loving the white boot one!! I do have some old metal buckets I scored last year in VT on a hike...they were used to catch maple syrup. Maybe I'll use it!! Wait...now I need some cute umbrellas!! :)