Monday, January 24, 2011

Chop Chop Magazine

Have you heard of ChopChop Magazine??
I hadn't!

Lucy and I were in the Doctors office and picked up this issue they were giving away. 
 It is a great little magazine for any child who LOVES to cook like my girl.  The recipes are healthy and easy, but I think the best part for Lucy was that they show kids doing the cooking...she loved that!

One of the articles compares white and brown rice.  This was perfect for us, as brown rice is ALL I make, and everytime I do, Lucy reminds me that she likes white rice :) we read it together :)

Here is how ChopChop describes their magazine...

"ChopChop is a quarterly food magazine and website for kids aged 5-12 and their families. ChopChop’s mission is to educate kids to cook and be nutritionally literate, empower them to actively participate as health partners with their families and help establish and support better eating habits for a lifetime of good nutrition. ChopChop’s vision is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity.
The magazine is filled with nutritious, great-tasting, ethnically diverse and inexpensive recipes, as well as interesting and little-known food facts, Q&A’s and games."

I love the idea of a magazine for kids who love to cook that is full of healthy recipes!!

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