Saturday, January 22, 2011

In My Kitchen {Pam's Herbed Baguette} {22/365}

Today I made Pam's recipe for this is delicious!!

The boys came downstairs because they could smell it in the oven, and then waited until it was done.  We all stood around the cutting board eating warm bread!
Blake told me not to bother buying french bread from the grocery store anymore...I think it was a hit!


  1. You are so lucky your boys will eat like that. Dorsey has a very sophisticated palette but Andy who is 29 eats like a 2year old. Yum, chicken nuggets!!!

  2. Yeah! So glad you like this!! I usually make one with the herbs and one minus for the picky eaters! It's so easy! And yes, I recycled all my book jackets! LOVE the new look!! Happy Weekending Dawn..xoxo

  3. This looks yummy - I may give it a shot too. It has no carbs, right????? :)

  4. Looks delish! I quit my 365.....aren't I am big loser? I just could not find the time each day. I gotta go to bed but Kate wanted to send her friend with the scarves, Lucy a photo of her having hot cocoa tonight...She just adores that "scarf girl, Lucy" I think they should be pen pals:0) And they should skype sometime:) I'll e-mail the photo to Lucy from Kate tomorrow:0