Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 365 {1/365}

I have wanted to participate in Project 365 for a couple of this year I thought I would finally give it a shot :)
I think it will be a great way to play with my camera, and finally really start "using" it!

Probably not the best start...the house was dark, so light was not good, and I am thinking Photoshop needs to be on my *must have list*, so I can use some of the wonderful actions that are available.

Christmas cards are my favorite part of the Season
I usually leave our cards out for quite is so fun to look through them all... and I love what my friend Kim shared about leaving them out all year and randomly praying for families...what a fantastic idea!


  1. I saw her's as well!! I think I'm going to do it too!!! Love the picture! ;)

  2. i think you have captured a quiet moment very beautifully. (not too dark at all)
    can't wait to see the other 364! ♥

  3. Great beginning! I am going to follow you DAILY!!!

  4. Your shot is beautiful, Dawn!!!! I love the soft candle reflected in the mirror. Do not even worry about Photoshop...I actually just got it this summer. Picassa and picnic are good for editing too.

    I am so glad you are doing this. We need to encourage each other and help with ideas....I know it is easy to get burned out and discouraged.

  5. Good luck with your project 365! I look forward to tuning in.

  6. great photo Dawn! forget a few new books instead! xoxo

  7. Dawn! Hi there! First of all I love this post I am so happy you are doing P365- its such a great project. The ISO on your camera is your friend I am learning. I am just getting a handle on my NIKON! I love photography, and funny you mentioned KIM and immediately I thought of 3 Peanuts KIM! I did not realize YOU know her TOO!!!

    I will email you some pics from Jacks party. I think you would be AMAZING at Kids and Personal Parties!!