Saturday, March 19, 2011

Progress {40 bags in 40 days}

Well...everyday I tackle a new spot...the bags may not all be huge black bags...but I am purging and organizing!

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Day 3&4 - I spent time in Lucy's room going through her closet and dresser.

Day 5 - (no bags to show for) I spent going through emails (deleting, responding, "filing") and I decided I follow too many blogs...blogs that show up on my "follow" list and I never actually read or was time to just keep my favorites!

Day 6 - Dining room buffet...just a small bag of dishes that I never use

Day 7 - the Pantry!  This always feels great.  Why have I kept the inside to the crock pot when the whole thing went out months ago??  People have crock pots for have had TWO in the past five years...they just don't last!!

Day 8 - Family room rid of movies (vhs) that do not get watched anymore...stray cords that no one seems to know what they belong too, and lots of dust :)

Day 9 - Powder room cabinet...mostly just almost empty sunscreen bottles and band aid WRAPPERS (does anyone else's kids do that? :)

so...another productive week...I can only imagine what Goodwill thinks during these 40 days!!


  1. It's almost like you are on a diet of sorts. You will feel lighter and clean when you are all done! You are doing a good thing Dawn! Keep it up!

  2. this is SO inspiring, dawn!
    and, yes! my kids do the same thing with the band-aid wrappers... what's up with that?
    maybe we need a teeny-tiny trash can next to the band-aids?? ♥

  3. Good for you!! I'm working on it and must remember to take some photos! Have been to Goodwill with boxes and bags though I still have lots of messy areas to clean up! Keep up the good work!