Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today I ....

spent some time refilling these, and making a list of what I need...I love buying lots of my staples in the bulk section at my grocery store and putting them in jars

drank one of these, since it didn't feel like winter outside....

sat outside in the SUN reading my new FAVORITE cookbook, and trying to drink more of that ☟...

roasted chicken to have on hand for a quick meal with brown rice...back to eating clean!


listened to practically every bloggers favorite on Pandora...must buy this on Itunes!

loving THIS website my friend Emily shared with me

and....I want to remind you not to pass up this color for spring...Nice is Nice

oh...and YES, I am still a little obsessed with this



  1. Oooh I need to check out that new cookbook! I have the same glass jars filled with all kinds of good stuff too! Love that! Looks like a great day Dawn...and yes! I keep my utensils out in little jars/pots all the time!

  2. Glad you like the website. Love Adele! I'm seeing her in concert late May. That nail color is wonderful! And, the Royal couple......still ahhh yes for me too!

  3. We are so alike... makes me smile :)

    Cant' get enough of Kate and William! Looking for a Barbie doll look-alike for Kate. I want it to have the blue engagement dress and the wedding dress with it. There's one by The Franklin Mint, but it's $200... I just want it for my granddaughter. If you and Lucy see one, let me know!

    Love Adele! Hope you saw my Romantic Tip You Tube!