Thursday, July 14, 2011

Perfect Iced Coffee {In My Kitchen}

I love Iced Coffee in the summer...BUT I usually don't love it when I make it using our coffee leftover from the always tastes too diluted for me.

So...I was reading the Pioneer Woman's blog and, of course, she showed me how to make the Perfect Iced Coffee...the trick, "cold pressing"!! is how I made mine!

Take 2/3 cup of coffee grounds and mix with 3 cups cold water...

let this mix sit out on your counter overnight... 

in the morning pour through a filter into a container to keep in the fridge...I used the filter basket from my coffee pot and a regular old coffee filter ( I think the PW uses cheese need :)...

fill your glass with ice, pour 2/3 full with your cold coffee and add milk (I use non-fat) and something to sweeten if you need (I add a couple pumps of vanilla syrup)...

There you have it...the Perfect Iced Coffee!


  1. I love my ice coffee too! xoxo

  2. Wow, I've never heard of this, interesting. I go through a lot of iced coffee but I brew it the old-fashioned way and I like it on the "light" side.
    Didn't I tell ya I'm behind the times. :)