Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Reading~

My Life From Scratch...I just started this one...Gesine Bullock-Prado former Hollywood film developer and the sister of actress Sandra Bullock (LOVE HER!) leaves her career to move to Vermont with her Husband and open a patisserie...I am looking forward to it! 

A Homemade Life...this one sounded good...the author lives here in Seattle and is author of the foodie blog Orangette

Crazy Sexy this book.  I have read through it, and I keep going back to re-read ...I am keeping this one until it's due date...might have to own it at some point!
(I also have The Beauty Detox Solution on hold, so it will be fun to compare the two)

Clean Food...on the heels of reading Crazy Sexy Diet, this has LOTS of great vegetarian/vegan I am not either of these (yet), but am finding myself more and more interested :)  Looking through this book last night, I saw LOTS of great recipes using clean whole foods...her motto "keep it simple...keep it natural"!

Chasing Harry Winston...this was a frivolous read and not my "usual", but since all the other books I was waiting for were still on hold I checked it out.  It is acutally by the author of "The Devil wears Prada" which was a fun read, and this was too.


  1. I have Clean food! I think you'll like it! and I've been wanting to read A homemade life!! :)

  2. The Beauty Detox is a great book!!!!!!!! I liked it even better than Crazy Sexy Diet, only because she gives info I have never read before. Loved CSD, but alot of the info I knew and have read. Looking forward to what you think Dawn!